Film is memory. It records and, by being viewed, it imprints itself in the memory.
It’s also, by definition, the art form that best serves as a conduit of memories.
Thoughts and emotions are crystallised for posterity...

Frontier Stories is an opportunity. Your opportunity to express, recount, perform and share... a story, an experience and, ultimately, a memory.

At Frontier Media we have the firm belief that knowledge and experience should be shared.
Our experience ranges from commissioned documentaries to conceptual fiction and high-profile music videos. Our knowledge is rooted in a deep understanding of the cinematic potential of a project and is now available to you.

Frontier Stories establishes a new digital platform of which you can become a part of.
Whether life or personal circumstances have denied you of the chance to express yourself, you can now see your dream come true. We can advise and co-develop the right format within which to tell your story. If your natural inclination resides in performance, fiction or a showcase of skills may be the right approach for your film. If your personal tale is that of survival in the face hardship and you consider yourself camera-shy, we can focus on gestures and meaningful objects.
The language to be employed will always be tailored to suit and complement your story.
Poetic or matter-of-fact, there isn’t a single, definite approach - only the right one for you.

We can bring the art out of you, as an individual. Together, we can create your perfect, unique and inspirational reflection as a human being...

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